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“BLURRYFACE” by Twenty One Pilots – REVIEW


This is the first review I’m making over here, which means I’m still discovering its formula on how to do it nice.

Since last week, a song called “Stressed Out” is stuck in my head. So, why not listen to the entire album?

“BLURRYFACE” by Twenty One Pilots

Apparently, this is Twenty One Pilots’ third album, but is the first one I’m listening to.

My first concern was that this album could be one of those albums you listen, but it only have one really good song, and that’s it for the day. But they proved me wrong, every single song is not only good, but unique. They keep changing styles all the time, making it really diverse. Yeah, I hate listening to albums when all the songs sound the same. It’s even hard to compare songs like “Heavydirtysoul” and “The  Judge”, because they are so different from each other.

There is another beautiful thing in this album, all the lyrics follow the same “story”, about this guy, who we can assume is Blurryface, and his arc from the first song until the last one. That’s why I think it is important

I cannot say this album is perfect, because I’m more into groups like Gorillaz and Dye, but this is really freaking good. This album for sure deserves a Llama Award!

Artist: Twenty One Pilots
Year: 2015
Genre: Alternative/Indie
Songs: 14
Duration: 52:17
Top Song: “Stressed Out”
Honorable Mentions: “Ride”, “The Judge” and “Goner”
Rate: ★★★★☆



Sunday Morning


I’ve just woke up after some hours of sleep. I’ve been having some weird dreams recently, and it makes me wake up kinda stressed or a little bit exhausted.

But let’s cut to the chase: somebody shared on Facebook a clip of the “new” Digimon (not Digimon Tri), but one that has a guy called Taigiru (I’m bad with foreign names) and he needs to get something called “Brave Snatcher”. The clip was cool, showing that this Digimon kept the anime’s essence after all.

Oh, yeah, in 20 minutes I need to start walking to set (which is 15 minutes away from my home). I’m sending some texts right now seeing if somebody can pick me up, and I hope they answer.

Anyway, I have to get dressed, eat some breakfast, and get ready to roll.

And, I still have no concrete plans for what I’m going to do after set.

Ohhhhh, and last, but not least, thanks for the like I got yesterday on the blog! 😀

See you soon muchachos! 😉

Saturday Late Night/Sunday Early Morning


I should be sleeping, because tomorrow I need to be on set at 9 am (not a set I want to be part of, just returning a favor), and I’m here, setting up a blog, listening to Coldplay and Queen… Yep. My lovely mom, made a marvelous act of gifting me a week of HEALTHY groceries and I just ate a whole bag of Lay’s Limón. I need my girlfriend here to stop eating like shit. I usually don’t take care of myself when I’m alone, I don’t know, maybe is the lack of motivation of looking good for someone, like for my Brazilian Llamarina. When she’s around, I become someone I wish I was when I’m alone, healthy.

Probably after posting this I’ll grab a cup of water, throw this empty bat of fatness away, brush my teeth and sleep for some hours.

I’m seriously thinking on going to a random place to meet random people, since uberPOOL is free this weekend for people who use a certain credit card, which in my case, it’s good.

I wish I had funnier friends, of at least people that are not home-only or ultra vegan type of people. Like going out just to try random food or drinks.

Speaking about drinks, yeah, I would kill for a Sierra Nevada right now. Probably I should grab some tomorrow.

And last, but not least, I usually mention a lot of brands, and trust me, I’m not getting paid by any of them, because if I was, I wouldn’t be doing the boring stuff I’m going to do tomorrow morning.

So, good night and I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

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