I should be sleeping, because tomorrow I need to be on set at 9 am (not a set I want to be part of, just returning a favor), and I’m here, setting up a blog, listening to Coldplay and Queen… Yep. My lovely mom, made a marvelous act of gifting me a week of HEALTHY groceries and I just ate a whole bag of Lay’s Limón. I need my girlfriend here to stop eating like shit. I usually don’t take care of myself when I’m alone, I don’t know, maybe is the lack of motivation of looking good for someone, like for my Brazilian Llamarina. When she’s around, I become someone I wish I was when I’m alone, healthy.

Probably after posting this I’ll grab a cup of water, throw this empty bat of fatness away, brush my teeth and sleep for some hours.

I’m seriously thinking on going to a random place to meet random people, since uberPOOL is free this weekend for people who use a certain credit card, which in my case, it’s good.

I wish I had funnier friends, of at least people that are not home-only or ultra vegan type of people. Like going out just to try random food or drinks.

Speaking about drinks, yeah, I would kill for a Sierra Nevada right now. Probably I should grab some tomorrow.

And last, but not least, I usually mention a lot of brands, and trust me, I’m not getting paid by any of them, because if I was, I wouldn’t be doing the boring stuff I’m going to do tomorrow morning.

So, good night and I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉