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Cancelled Plans


It’s been a while… again! I know!

But let’s go right into my day: Yesterday I went to the movie theater to watch Hardcore Henry, which I will be reviewing soon. It kinda sucked, but nothing too bad to piss me off. And then we had a party at night, which moved to today, due to location problems, and 2 hours before the whole thing today, BOOM, it got cancelled. So here I am, Saturday night, alone, and broke, not going anywhere.

Probably I’ll watch some The Walking Dead and kill Season 2.

Oh, yeah, there is another problem!!! I ran out of mustard and as stated before, I’m broke, and until Monday, I won’t be able to afford mustard! How will I make Mayo-and-Mustard Chicken Sandwiches? My fat llama body craves for this sandwich… 😦

And last, but not least, I will be also reviewing Weezer’s White Album this week! But today, unfortunately, it’s time to chill.

See you soon, muchachos! 😉


ERASED (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) – REVIEW

I know I’ve been missing for days, but I have my reasons, which will be explained later.

Finally, after weeks waiting for this marvelous, and wonderful, episode, I have finished ERASED (for the first time I controlled myself, and didn’t read the manga).

WOW! That’s my reaction to it.

Since the beginning of this anime, you can see that the director, Tomohiko Itō, knows what he was doing. It is beautifully directed to the bone. Every single detail was there for a reason. I could not expect something that amazing coming from the person who unfortunately directed Sword Art Online (both seasons).

Even though there was no insane plot twist in the anime, ERASED, knew how to hold my attention, and even make me anxiously wait for the next episode. Every episode ending has a powerful cliffhanger, that don’t give any chance of a plot twist. It just makes you mad inside, because you definitely knows what is going to happen on the next episode.

I cannot forget to mention its cinematography, and wonderful change of aspect ratio in THE RIGHT MOMENTS (a bunch of Hollywood directors still don’t know how to do that effectively, except Nolan, who for some reason didn’t bother me at all doing that during Interstellar). How the focus was used, and how it knew how to play with its shots and lights, ERASED is a perfect combination between spices, something well done, with nothing going too much, neither too little.

I wish I knew more animes that made me tear up MULTIPLE TIMES, like this one did.

ERASED is as powerful as any well done series you can find out there, one of the few animes that I would recommend even for people who hate the platform.

It deserves to get a Llama Award.

Anime: ERASED (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi)
Year: 2016
Written by: Kei Sanbe (manga) and Taku Kishimoto (anime)
Directed by: Tomohiko Itō
Produced by: Kenta Suzuki and Taku Matsuo
Starring: Shin’nosuke Mitsushima, Minami Takayama, Tao Tsuchiya and Mitsuru Miyamoto
Cinematography by: Toshiaki Aoshima
Edited by: Shigeru Nishiyama
Music by: Yuki Kajiura
Score: ★★★★★




I don’t know what to do!


Just got home after a full day! (Actually, it has been a few hours since I put my llama body inside my house)

I’m almost giving up on trying to learn how to use ProTools, it is way too complicated. The amount audio tracks in a film is overwhelming. That’s why I always hire sound people, because they don’t only know it, but they enjoy it.

But the day got better, even though my lunch costed me $15, it included a SUSHI BURRITO! AND IT WAS CALLED A SUPERMAN BURRITO! It was delicious, EVEN THOUGH I’ve ordered my burrito with no avocado, but guess what, people in California cannot do stuff without avocado. 😦

I also had a consultation with my mentor, and it went truthful, but horrible. He told something I need to hear: I don’t love this movie, I’m not honest with this. But now, I have no clue of what I’m doing with it. I can’t have a good idea, I have a billion of others things to do and because of me being a stupid Llama, I even discussed with my beautiful Brazilian Llamarina. Argh. I wish I was not attached on Favor March.

And last, but not least, the same friend who did the Llama pixel art face for this blog, created a character inspired on me, which in featured in his new NeonMob series: Pixel Wars! Get some promo packs here:

Oh, and for some reason, I can access my blog through every platform ever, except my computer. I’m frustrated!

I already had a good nap, but that haven’t helped me at all. And unfortunately I had to turn down TWO invitations to watch Zootopia tonight. So, I need to make this night worth it!

Expect at least one more post today.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

It rained last night, wow…


Impressively, it rained around 5am! For a person who lives in Cali, this is not common at all! Love this shhhhhhhhh noise the rain does and its smell. I woke up a couple minutes before my alarm, so, I won!

I still don’t know what the hell is going on with my domain that is still not working! Argh! When I get home, around 3pm, I’ll see if I can fix it, because come on! I paid money on that!

Now is time to clean my smelly body, eat and get a ride.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

Time to go!


Now i am completely exhausted. I have spent 14 bucks just to have my domain up here, and since I never did that before. The whole Domain Mapping process was so confusing, that it took me two staff members to help me.

I need to wake up early. So, time to go to drink a bunch of water and then go to bed.

I hope the domain problems are completely solved when I wake up.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

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