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I’m sorry, but I ended up lying to y’all. I said I would post three things: my Zootopia review, my comparison between Frank Sinatra and Polly Scattergood singing “New York, New York” and the story of the mysterious book.

Unfortunately I’m waaaaaaay too tired an exhausted (yeah, both) to write good quality stuff, and I HOPE I can post all of then tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow is #TheTriggering, even though I’m excited about it, I have decided that I won’t post stuff about it, because I don’t create enemies.

So, I need to drink water, go to bed and take a long llama nap.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉



Howdy Mamas and Papas! My name is Llama, and I’ll posting random stuff here when I can. Fortunately I have a real life, which allows me to pay my bills and pay the internet that also allows me to post here! Incredible, huh? My objective with this blog is sharing my opinions and experiences with people who are not my friends on Facebook and other social media. I want you to know what I think is cool or not and get a response from you, because receiving different opinions is cool as well. I’ll see you soon muchachos!

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