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Nostalgic Trap


Right now it is 5h30 in the morning, and guess who is still awake and probably will waste his Sunday Morning? Yeah, you guessed right, Peter Panda (the one from Vin Diesel’s babysitter film). But you probably forgot that Peter Panda even existed, huh?

Jokes apart, yes, I am still awake, and the reason is that I got stuck in a Nostalgic Trap. What is a Nostalgic Trap? It is when you see something that reminds you of a really good/fun part of your life, and them it leads you to another them, that leads you to another things and it never stops.

And now the question is: What is my Nostalgic Trap? Old Free Step videos. Why? When I was a teenager, I used to dance Free Step, which actually, was the thing that helped me make friends when I moved to Rio de Janeiro (when I was around 15), and at the time, making Free Step videos was the coolest thing between this group of people. I have over 15 videos of me dancing it. But how did I even remember all of this on a random Saturday evening? Easy! There is a Facebook page that re-uploads old Free Step videos, and one of them appeared on my timeline, which lead me to another video, of a guy who used a song I’ve used in one of my videos… and there I went for almost 2h30!

I’m exhausted, sad and mad at the same time. I truly wish I could enjoy more, right now it seems that I going through a really hard phase, and I now that I won’t have the same type of fun that I used to when I was younger. It kinda makes me sad.

And to complete, there is the fact that me and my ex-Brazilian Llamarina split up, so I’m alone in my journey again.

Alone. Broke. Unmotivated.

Please, don’t think I’m one of this crazy suicidal Tumblr kids, I’m just going through a hard phase right now, and until things get better, it will be hard.

And as usual, last but not least, if you’re reading this, it means that you read some of the things that I needed to get out of my chest and that means a lot, even if I don’t have a clue of who you are!

See you soon, muchachos! 😉


Part 2 is OVER!


Today is the last day of Favor March part 2! Yay!

I wanted to go to the musicians place again, but I’m afraid it gets too personal too fast.

At least the last location is my house, so I’m chilling amd they shooting what they need. I hope everything keps fine. I had to clean the hell out of it yesterday.

I’m starving, and that kills me that this production is low budget and doesn’t have good food.

I haven’t talked to my Brazilian Llamarina in hours, and it’s killing me. I think she is mad with my absence.

We (the people who are shooting) had a nice discussion on colored hair, when is appropriate to use them or not.

Now it’s time to start wrapping things up!

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

Unexpected full day!


Aaaaaand good night to my fellow llamas! Even though I planned to stay at home all day, I had a lot of stuff to do, including my laundry (which is still on hold)!

I did a lot of work for Favor March, but I had a meeting that I almost forgot, with a new friend, a fellow Brazilian llama who sings very well. After a delicious cappuccino and our long off-topic conversations, she invited me to an artist showcase that was happening tonight.

I wish I could have stayed in Hollywood, but I felt the urge to get a bus and go home, at least for an hour just to talk with my Brazilian Llamarina.

And while I was talking to her, the actor we had booked for Friday and Saturday, quit, because he found a gig that requires less time and pays more… urgh.

But we found another guy, who seems pretty cool to work with, and I hope I’m right.

Later on I went back to Hollywood, and wow! Some people blew my mind tonight! Oh, and I got free pizza! I feel this is a good friendship, that have just started.

Now I need to do a crew list and a one sheet budget… WISH ME LUCK!

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉



I’m glad that my Brazilian Llamarina is having a really good time at her new job. Her previous boss was a dumbass (pardon my language again, but you will need to get used to that), and this two new bosses seem really fun to work with.

I still can’t understand what goes on inside BB Studios people’s head, but they think, or at least act like their mind work so ARGH! MHERG! URGH! It’s hard to explain… Almost like a monkey who found a human brain on the ground, bites it, throws it, and to finish, fucks it. I really don’t know what their brain goes through to make them say so many dumb stuff. To see an example, Mr. K.  was talking about how America usually bites their tongue on their radical views, like for example, gay marriage, and then, Kebab, the overweight alpaca, responded him with a stupid question:

“Do you think that in some years, America will allow incestual marriage?” – The Alpaca, Kebab, 2016

No, she was not joking, she asked a serious question, which worries me. How can someone seriously think this will really happen? Actually, there is a possibility, but I like to use common sense and avoid cyclops babies becoming a thing.

And now, to close this post with epicness, people over here think that Mac Pro is the strongest computer being sold online… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg, stop being a bunch of dumbasses

Oh yeah, the project was approved, now I just need to choose the pretty faces.

Yes, I’m posting and will post a lot today.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

I don’t know what to do!


Just got home after a full day! (Actually, it has been a few hours since I put my llama body inside my house)

I’m almost giving up on trying to learn how to use ProTools, it is way too complicated. The amount audio tracks in a film is overwhelming. That’s why I always hire sound people, because they don’t only know it, but they enjoy it.

But the day got better, even though my lunch costed me $15, it included a SUSHI BURRITO! AND IT WAS CALLED A SUPERMAN BURRITO! It was delicious, EVEN THOUGH I’ve ordered my burrito with no avocado, but guess what, people in California cannot do stuff without avocado. 😦

I also had a consultation with my mentor, and it went truthful, but horrible. He told something I need to hear: I don’t love this movie, I’m not honest with this. But now, I have no clue of what I’m doing with it. I can’t have a good idea, I have a billion of others things to do and because of me being a stupid Llama, I even discussed with my beautiful Brazilian Llamarina. Argh. I wish I was not attached on Favor March.

And last, but not least, the same friend who did the Llama pixel art face for this blog, created a character inspired on me, which in featured in his new NeonMob series: Pixel Wars! Get some promo packs here:

Oh, and for some reason, I can access my blog through every platform ever, except my computer. I’m frustrated!

I already had a good nap, but that haven’t helped me at all. And unfortunately I had to turn down TWO invitations to watch Zootopia tonight. So, I need to make this night worth it!

Expect at least one more post today.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

Safe and Sound


I’m finally home! After all the work, the set was looking good. Now I have three more to take care of until Favor March is over. I’m already talking with my Brazilian Llamarina on Skype and she looks gorgeous as usual. I love seeing her all natural.

I didn’t take a shower yet, because I’m way too tired to kept standing up while that nice warm water cleans me. So, I just cleaned my feet, because they were smelly. 😦

I’m not hungry right now, because I destroyed my body consuming a bunch of the unhealthy snacks that were available on set.

And, also I’m slowly realizing how much I don’t enjoy staying around this group of people. A fellow llama agreed with me. I feel that I’m one of the few llamas, that keeps working with the weird alpacas. Nothing against alpacas, but they are not llamas.

But, let’s be positive! I’m home, safe and sound! 😀

Now it’s time to talk to my beautiful Brazilian Llamarina, listen to some music or watch funny videos on YouTube.

Probably I’ll review an album, game or a film, so, this blog get a little bit more exciting.

I’ll see you soon muchachos! 😉

Saturday Late Night/Sunday Early Morning


I should be sleeping, because tomorrow I need to be on set at 9 am (not a set I want to be part of, just returning a favor), and I’m here, setting up a blog, listening to Coldplay and Queen… Yep. My lovely mom, made a marvelous act of gifting me a week of HEALTHY groceries and I just ate a whole bag of Lay’s Limón. I need my girlfriend here to stop eating like shit. I usually don’t take care of myself when I’m alone, I don’t know, maybe is the lack of motivation of looking good for someone, like for my Brazilian Llamarina. When she’s around, I become someone I wish I was when I’m alone, healthy.

Probably after posting this I’ll grab a cup of water, throw this empty bat of fatness away, brush my teeth and sleep for some hours.

I’m seriously thinking on going to a random place to meet random people, since uberPOOL is free this weekend for people who use a certain credit card, which in my case, it’s good.

I wish I had funnier friends, of at least people that are not home-only or ultra vegan type of people. Like going out just to try random food or drinks.

Speaking about drinks, yeah, I would kill for a Sierra Nevada right now. Probably I should grab some tomorrow.

And last, but not least, I usually mention a lot of brands, and trust me, I’m not getting paid by any of them, because if I was, I wouldn’t be doing the boring stuff I’m going to do tomorrow morning.

So, good night and I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

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