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Cards Against Llamanity


Good night! Today, I’ve finally released my stress going out with some llamas. Oh yeah, my fur looks nice now. So, Mr. Llama was on point.

We went to a friends finals of his hockey regional team, but they loss. We went to a nice pub, we drank, and we played a lot of Cards Against Humanity. I lost to this same friend by only one point. He got 15, I got 14. :C

I enjoy going out with them, even though, sometimes, I feel less welcome than everybody. Maybe it is just me. I’m used to how warm Brazilian people are, and how much better I was at talking, or making jokes, because of the small, but significant language barrier I have to go through.

At least I had a good April Fools’. It could be better? Yes, but it also could be worse, so I can’t complain.

See you soon, muchachos! 😉


Sleeping Late


I ended up going to watch Zootopia, we got in the latest screening. It’s really good, but nothing special. Later today I can make a review about it. Probably I would have enjoyed more if I haven’t remembered why I hate to go out with this group of “friends”.

At least I ate Taco Bell, got free popcorn and got a free ride to the 7-Eleven near my house, but getting there I realized that they don’t sell any beer whatsoever, so I bought my first roll-your-own cigarette, and failed to do it properly. I forgot to buy the filter!

Later on, while smoking my half ass handmade cigarette, I walked to a market near my house, and got a six-pack of my favorite IPA, Sierra Nevada, even though I haven’t figured out what was the marvelous Sierra Nevada I drank at the burger joint near LACMA. One day I’ll figure out.

And last, but not least, I made a comparison between Frank Sinatra’s version of New York, New York, with Polly Scattergood’s one. I’ll post it online after I get some feedback for it.

So, time to go to bed, because I need to wake up in less than 5 hours! I done goofed, my friends.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

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