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A Single Piece Pita Bread


I woke up super tired, for some reason, even though I know I didn’t sleep much, I woke all messed up. Ultra hungry, with my intestines feeling hurt, and I stupidly only ate one piece of pita bread.

At the moment I’m at BB Studios, starving and the vending machines’ room will only open around 10:15… argh!

I accidentally revealed the existence of my new Brazillian llama friend to some alpacas, BUT I’m glad that they don’t pay attention on what I say, so, I’m kinda safe.

I will try to post the mysterious book story, which is not long, here today.

If more stuff happens, you guys will be reading here.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉




I’m glad that my Brazilian Llamarina is having a really good time at her new job. Her previous boss was a dumbass (pardon my language again, but you will need to get used to that), and this two new bosses seem really fun to work with.

I still can’t understand what goes on inside BB Studios people’s head, but they think, or at least act like their mind work so ARGH! MHERG! URGH! It’s hard to explain… Almost like a monkey who found a human brain on the ground, bites it, throws it, and to finish, fucks it. I really don’t know what their brain goes through to make them say so many dumb stuff. To see an example, Mr. K.  was talking about how America usually bites their tongue on their radical views, like for example, gay marriage, and then, Kebab, the overweight alpaca, responded him with a stupid question:

“Do you think that in some years, America will allow incestual marriage?” – The Alpaca, Kebab, 2016

No, she was not joking, she asked a serious question, which worries me. How can someone seriously think this will really happen? Actually, there is a possibility, but I like to use common sense and avoid cyclops babies becoming a thing.

And now, to close this post with epicness, people over here think that Mac Pro is the strongest computer being sold online… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg, stop being a bunch of dumbasses

Oh yeah, the project was approved, now I just need to choose the pretty faces.

Yes, I’m posting and will post a lot today.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉

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