It’s really hard to compare someone to Frank Sinatra, one of the biggest musical geniuses who ever lived, but it doesn’t mean that other people can’t try to remodel his own art, and that what Polly Scattergood did when she recorded her version of “New York, New York” for the Official Soundtrack of Crysis 2.

Her gentle and emotional voice twist the emotions transmitted when the same song is sung by Sinatra. He brings this uplifting emotion to his listener, making New York sound like the best place to live in, almost saying that because him (the main character of the song) are going to New York to make it, become one of the greatest people who ever stepped there. But Scattergood makes it sound different, like someone from a small town, moving to a big city, already knowing she will be one of the millions who try and fail every year, but for some reason still believe they can make it. It is possible to feel her emotional baggage and how hurt she already is from failing and getting stomped every day.

Comparing both versions, it can be assumed that Sinatra’s version is the dream, versus Scattergood’s version, which represent the hard reality.

Frank Sinatra’s version:

Polly Scattergood’s version:

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉