Just got home after a full day! (Actually, it has been a few hours since I put my llama body inside my house)

I’m almost giving up on trying to learn how to use ProTools, it is way too complicated. The amount audio tracks in a film is overwhelming. That’s why I always hire sound people, because they don’t only know it, but they enjoy it.

But the day got better, even though my lunch costed me $15, it included a SUSHI BURRITO! AND IT WAS CALLED A SUPERMAN BURRITO! It was delicious, EVEN THOUGH I’ve ordered my burrito with no avocado, but guess what, people in California cannot do stuff without avocado. 😦

I also had a consultation with my mentor, and it went truthful, but horrible. He told something I need to hear: I don’t love this movie, I’m not honest with this. But now, I have no clue of what I’m doing with it. I can’t have a good idea, I have a billion of others things to do and because of me being a stupid Llama, I even discussed with my beautiful Brazilian Llamarina. Argh. I wish I was not attached on Favor March.

And last, but not least, the same friend who did the Llama pixel art face for this blog, created a character inspired on me, which in featured in his new NeonMob series: Pixel Wars! Get some promo packs here:

Oh, and for some reason, I can access my blog through every platform ever, except my computer. I’m frustrated!

I already had a good nap, but that haven’t helped me at all. And unfortunately I had to turn down TWO invitations to watch Zootopia tonight. So, I need to make this night worth it!

Expect at least one more post today.

I’ll see you soon, muchachos! 😉